my life’s letter starts here

as i sit here and think about the ideas that i have around this project & journey, there is something that happens to my whole being.  i feel grateful, alive & on my life’s purpose.  i feel a burst of energy & excitement about what i’m really up to here.  by using my creativity, tapping into a different time in history and sharing its relevance to my life today, i will share my journey.  write my life’s letter.

when it all started coming to life for me, i wrote this:

i am going to england to retrace my grandmothers steps.  knock on the door of the house that she wrote from, walk the streets she walked, visit the places she speaks of in her letters.  see where she worked, watch the films she mentions & hear the music of the time she speaks so highly of.  i will share my journey discovering hers.  honouring the generations before me, realizing that i am a part of something WAY bigger here.  the letters start in December of 1945 & go all the way to her highly anticipated departure to Canada as a Warbride in June of 1946.  i will share a lesson i gain from the letters, do something that makes it a shared parallel journey between the two of us & leave it with an inquiry to my readers.  what did she bring up, what does it bring up for me & what does it bring up for you.


you in?


2 thoughts on “my life’s letter starts here

  1. I’m a firm believer in ‘Ripple Effect’ – meaning what you put out there ALWAYS has an impact on others, intended or otherwise! I’m so excited and inspired to see your grandma’s effect on you… and to see what impact you’re going to create for others because of it! I know for me I’m already feeling inspired!! Thanks!

  2. jwiper says:

    Absolutely in! I love the idea of ripple effects – your grandma’s on you, and your’s on those around you! I know for me it’s already been inspiration and a good kick in the pants to do what’s meaningful to me! Love it.

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