a full heart


that is what i felt last week.  a full heart.

when i made my big LAUNCH…told you, the web & the world about my big plans…it was scary.  not only did i have to deal with all of the voices in my head (what us coaches call gremlins & saboteurs), but i was letting them take me on a trip to “what’s everyone going to think”-ville.

as i read some of the comments coming through to me on the day of my launch, it was amazing.  my heart kept feeling bigger & bigger.  what people said to me left me in awe:

  • i inspired people
  • my blog is natural & engaging
  • i am brave and have the courage & enthusiasm needed for this kind of adventure
  • if anyone can do this, i can
  • i am a gift
  • my willingness to ‘go first’ has more impact than I can possibly imagine
  • I create from my soul

WOWZERS~! talk about encouragement! not only did I get the HECK out of all the negative-villes around, i was on cloud-9.

this inspired me to put my feelings to paper.  in colour.  in my trusted creative crayola chronical. on the outside of the heart, you will see negative crap.  gremlins, saboteurs, blah blah blahs, negative neil’s etc.

in the heart…what is true.


so here are some big questions for you:

  • how do you push aside the BLAH’s…to experience a full heart?
  • what would be a step you can take today…that would be in the direction of feeling that full heart.

4 thoughts on “a full heart

  1. Such a great concept! I think at times there are so very many people who actually aren’t able to tease apart the strong amazing full-heart voice – and their gremlin’s voice. People often think a gremlin’s voice is obvious, and often it isn’t, it’s a sneaky voice that can seem to be trying to help and keep you safe – when really it’s just making you play small.

    I love the idea of exploring those voices more and trying to understand which ones to listen to – and which ones to just move past! Thanks for the inspiration for some reflection. Love it!

  2. Jim Curtis says:

    hey Carly, Just opened your Blog and started reading!! I am going to follow along enthusiastically! Reminds me of My Mom and Dad! She was also a war bride from Scotland and married a farmer from Hanover Ontario. She also lived life to the fullest, but met a tragic end!
    Looking forward to your adventure almost as much as you are to living it!!!!!!!! Adam’s Uncle -Jim Curtis

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