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My Darling,
I hadn’t written before because I knew it wouldn’t be any use as the letter would get there before you.  Darling, I miss you terribly, much more than I ever did before now. I am only living for the day when I get my papers to sail.  Right until I got your telegram Tuesday morning, I thought and lived in the hope that you would walk in once more for a few stolen hours, but after I got the telegram I knew you had gone…I hope you had a good sailing darling…the most important thing is that you got there safely…I wrote and asked for the address of the Canadian Wives Club and I’ve got it now, they meet every first Monday in the month and the next meeting is on February 4th so I am going to go and learn some more about Canada and Canadian cooking (haha, that’s not funny)…On Tuesday night I went to the Odeon & saw “Love Letters” it was a lovely film and reminded me so much of how letters brought us together.  I’m going to Oxford on Saturday for the weekend…it will make a change for me, I’m going to take my camera and take some snaps to send to you…Well darling I guess that’s about all for now, except that I love you and I won’t feel like a whole person again until we are together for good.  Half of me is with you.  Cheerio darling. God bless you and all the luck in the world to you.  Au-Revoir.  All my love forever your ever loving wife Rene.  
I LOVE YOU – (in x’s)


Dear Grama,
I want to start this letter by saying thank you.  Thank you for having courage & faith.  The decisions that you made in your lifetime have not only shaped your life, but they’ve shaped mine.  As I sit and read your letter to Papa, 67 years from the day you sat down to write it, I am in complete awe.  It’s incredible.  The love that you & Papa shared was so beautiful.  It’s the kind of love people dream about.
I feel as if I have been given a gift.  The gift of having the letters you wrote to him.  I have a glimpse into your life & love that I am truly grateful for.  I am taking this gift you have left to me and listening to my heart, which has lead me back to the house you wrote these letters from.  As I built up the courage & faith you taught me in so many ways, I knocked on the door.  The woman who answered, lovingly welcomed me into her home.  She listened to my story, asked how she could help & even brought out paper work of the home’s history.  She let me go into the upstairs bedroom, which I assume was yours.  As I looked out the window from that bedroom, I felt like we were sharing something.  Sharing a view, lifetimes apart, that was more than just a view.  It was connection in it’s truest form.
After that moment, I now know with every part of me, that I am on the right path. Listening to my heart as I know you did every day of your life.  So this is what I will do, Grama.  I am here to retrace your steps.  I will live here as you did, walk the streets you walked, visit the places you visited & start this journey within a journey.  I know you will be with me on this journey in more ways than I am even aware of yet, and I can feel that this experience is going to be more than I ever imagined.
With a granddaughters love & admiration,




23 thoughts on “sharing a view

  1. Ashley says:

    This is absolutley beautiful Carly!
    I can’t wait to read every day. You are so special and so strong!
    What a beautiful and amazing thing you are doing. Thinking of you every step! Xoxo

  2. Lindsay says:

    love it!! and yes I am as well crying! What a beautiful story and I’m so glad to hear that you are loving and enjoying your time in England. Be safe and take care.

    • My goodness, I was trying to feel what you felt as you looked out that window. The depth of that connection. You are a time-traveler lady. Love to you on this incredible journey within a journey. I’ll be feeling into it/you all along its way! xoxo Lisa

  3. Margaret says:

    I admire your courage and determination. If my spelling is on correct it is because my tears have blurred my vision. You are very special and I’m glad to be a bystander in your journey. Koodos to you, anxiously awaiting the next post

  4. Deb says:

    Ok carly -so you know I’m in tears (no surprise). What an amazing trip you are on. Don’t miss one feeling or intuition of your Grandma being with you on your path. You go girl….I believe in wonderful things!

  5. Beautiful letters. Carly, you have a gift of connecting people (&time) and getting them in touch with their feelings (and letting them feel your feelings too.. you make it a shared experience). I’m so happy you are sharing this journey with us all. <3

  6. Victoria Durocher says:

    Wow my friend, u so touched me with ur words. I’m so glad that u could find the house in which ur grandmother wrote to ur grandfather. So touching and so amazing… Keep the experiences coming… Love it… Take care my friend.

  7. Tina Styres says:

    Wow Carly! What an absolutely incredible journey you are sharing with the world! Truly an inspiration on following your heart. Your story, this journey (yours and your Grams) is such heart and soul and raw beauty! I can’t wait to read more!

  8. tramainelynn says:

    Oh Carly its simply amazing!! You know how much I love to read my novels, but I love reading your blogs WAY more!! They are short excerpts of your wonderful journey that keep me coming back for more. I can feel the passion and excitement as if I’m exploring with you. Your grandmother wrote with such effortless grace and love, clearly it has been passed on to you!!! Continue to bring us with you as you experience “Life’s Letter” in your Grandmother’s footsteps, but through your own eyes!!!

    Love you and miss bunches

  9. Wow, as I am now settled into my flat & getting a chance to re-read through all of these comments & respond, I am taken aback. It’s incredible to read all of this again. Thank you so much to each and every one who has shown me love, encouragement & support in this journey. I simply could not do this alone. It means the absolute world to me. Thank you. xo

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