On youtube today: Find out why Carly Butler is embarking on an epic journey to trace her grandmother’s footsteps, and how love letters bound her grandparents together whilst an ocean and WW2 kept them apart.

Every family has a story, discover yours at www.genesreunited.co.uk

10 thoughts on “GenesReunited Video

  1. Michael Fineberg says:

    I love the video, Carly. Very moving. You’re creating quite a tale and a wonderful portrait simultaneously of your grandma and of yourself, each illuminating the other, Keep on being inspired by her. I’m following your every step.


    • Thanks Michael! I am so glad my mom reached out to you & we re-connected our families. Having you along for this journey means so much to me, especially because of how many dots you’ve been able to connect for us. Thank you for the continued love, support & encouragement. xo

  2. HilaryPope says:

    Yours is such a heartwarming story Carly. True love is a very special thing and only to be treasured and cherished.
    I wish you well on your journey. Hilary x

    • Thank you, Hilary. I absolutely agree & it is an honour to be witnessing my grandparents true love the way I am. So glad you are enjoying this journey xo

  3. Joanne A Sinclair-Muir says:

    I think this would make a wonderful novel. Please consider having this published. It is such a nice tribute to your Grandparents and also a wonderful way to preserve and teach us what it was like then. Thank you.


    • Hi Joanne! Thanks for the comment. The book is in the works for sure! So glad you are enjoying my journey & seeing the value in it. Having these letters truly is a gift that I must share with the world. So thank you for encouraging me to do so. 🙂

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