8 thoughts on “I’ve hit British newsstands!!

    • I finally feel the train has slowed down for the moment…maybe at a station to let passengers get on & off (& to get caught up on blog comments), but not quite at the final destination, yet. I see a book & movie, too! SO EXCITING! Thanks for your continued love & support xo

  1. Lillian Reisch says:

    Hi Carly, miss you at work.i think of you every time I see that silly flower pen.
    I am enjoying following your journey with you. Love your emails.stay well .Lil

  2. Graham C says:

    So cool that you’ve hit the newsstands! What’s your skedj like today (Wednesday) – I know it’s short notice but I’ve got some time …. Love you! G.

    • Hey G, so sorry that day didn’t work. I think it was the craziest day of my life. Would love to catch up. I’ll send you an email RIGHT now! xox love ya

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