Dear Grama

Market streets

My darling Nick,
Just a few lines darling to tell you how much I love and miss you which is something terrible.  No letter from you today, but I mustn’t grumble because they have been coming lovely, touch wood.  I hope you are still okay as this letter leaves me just as lonely for you as ever.  Nothing much happened today, I’ve been shopping nearly all day, you know me the official shopper.  This morning I went up to John Barnes, but I sure missed you to carry the parcels, in fact I miss you in everything.  This afternoon I went around Kilburn, but I didn’t buy much, just changed my library book.  Tonight I went to the Odeon and saw Betty Hutton in “The Stork Club.” It was quite good, but I would have enjoyed it a thousand times more if you had been with me.  I have just come in, I had something to eat and now here I am with you.  There that’s a commentary of my Saturday, interesting eh?  I bet if we were together we would make it interesting, don’t you think?… I also took some snaps the other day but I don’t know whether they came out much good, I had to use Albert’s camera because something is wrong with the one I bought from Lorne.  It doesn’t seem to focus properly, anyway I can always have it seen to.  Well darling, I don’t think I have very much more news.  I’m listening to A.F.N. but they haven’t played our song yet, they are now playing “Dream” that’s all I can do I guess, until that wonderful day when I can be with you once again.  Please God.  Well I guess that’s all the chatter for tonight so I’ll suppose I’ll prepare for bed, alone.  Worst luck.  
So goodnight darling, God bless you and pleasant dreams dearest. Good Luck Au-revoir until that wonderful day I see you again. 
All my love to you forever, your everloving wife,
I LOVE YOU (in x’s) 
Dear Grama,
Thank you for giving me a reason to shop.  Although I’m the farthest from being the official shopper out of my girlfriends, I did have some successful purchases this weekend.  I bought two scarves and a pair of black boots at the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill.  The buzz of energy around the market streets was so fascinating to take in.  The streets were filled with people from all over the world and as I stood and took a moment to just listen to the conversations around me, the diversity filled my heart with joy.  Being part of the crowd, having a pint at the corner pub, tasting the sizzling street food while listening to the street performers playing their tune really made me have one of those “wow” moments once again.   I too, had some camera issues on the weekend that made me chuckle and ask the universe why this specific incident had to be parallel to your journey.  I brought my camera all the way to the market to find out I had forgotten a memory card.  Looks like I’ll have to go back to Notting Hill with my Nikon to grab some snaps to send by airmail to my Indiegogo supporters
 I also went to Kilburn yesterday, got myself a library card and borrowed my first book.  Naturally, it is about Men, Women and Children in the Second World War and has pictures, copies of wartime ration books, propaganda posters and facts about what it was like during this time. 
Bottom line is that it felt really nice to re-connect with what I’m really doing here.  The media frenzy sort of took me by surprise and from being on British news stands, on the radio, in magazines and on the telly, it was quite the whirlwind.  It sure does have its share of glitz and glam, but it is also a perfect place for one to be really, really hard on themselves.  It’s vulnerable, nerve racking and raw at the very same time as being exhilarating, fabulous and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  By Friday night I was emotionally drained.  So a weekend to reconnect with you and our parallel journeys here, was exactly what I needed. 
To think that we’re only a month in and all of this has happened is pretty amazing, Grama.  I just know there is so much more to come.  I’m still putting the energy out there to align the stars so perfectly that I get to meet the Queen.  Let’s work on that! 
With a granddaughters love & admiration,

5 thoughts on “Market streets

  1. Verheyen Cecile says:

    Hi’s pretty late…. read the both letters and still admire your enthoesiasm!!! Do you really want to meet the Queen!?
    Well if this is your wish I hope you can realize it…!!!I’m tired ..had a hard day! Wish you a nice week!!! ♥

  2. Warren Otto says:

    Saw your story on CBCs The National this evening. Had a grandfather drive a tank with the 21st CAR (Governor General Foot Guards) in the drive across Europe. After getting shot out of his 5th one (he survived them all) his nerves were shot and he as sent to Antwerp to sort mail with the Postal Corps. Have been to Europe, but that was to visit the Western Front. Still need to get back to follow the footsteps of the 21st CAR. Good luck in our journey.

    • Hi Warren. Isn’t it so interesting looking into what our grandparents did for our families, our freedom & our country? Thank you for sharing your story & for the well wishes for my journey. :)

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