Dear Grama

Scenes from a movie


March 5, 1946

My Darling,

Here I am once again at the end of another lonely day without you. No letter from you today but that’s usual on a Tuesday but I mustn’t really grumble cause I had four yesterday but you know I’m greedy and I would like a lot. I hope you are okay darling as this leaves me but missing you like hell, it seems to get worse every day. Nothing very exciting happened today, I sent Joe and Phoebe a telegram today because it was their wedding anniversary. They have been married thirteen years, I hope please God, we will celebrate that anniversary and many more together darling. I read in the paper today that the Queen Elizabeth was going into dry dock for repairs until September, I was sorry to read that because I was hoping that I may come over on that, but right now I don’t care, any old boat would do if it would only take me to you. I have been thinking about you all day (for a change) because this is the day you go back to camp isn’t it darling? It’s been another lousy day today, somebody must have known that I bought an umbrella because it hasn’t stopped raining since Saturday. Do you remember that day darling on your first leave when we walked down Oxford St in the rain and you said “Lets buy an umbrella”. We sure did have some fun on that leave didn’t we darling? But like all your leaves, it went too quick, but they were all wonderful darling… The Vocal Touch has just come on the wireless, that AFN sure has some lovely programmes, they seem to cater specially for couples that are apart. They are just playing “I’ll be loving you always,” I’m sure that announcer can read my mind. Have you worn your civvies yet darling or are you still in uniform, do your civvies still fit you darling? Well darling I don’t think there is much more news for tonight, except that I love and miss you terribly. I hope all your family are okay is Mary still working hard, do you think she’ll teach me how to cook if I ask her nicely? A man who comes in our shop brought me in a cutting from a paper today showing me that three thousand girls have arrived in Halifax, lucky devils how I envy them. Eileen said her number is 19367, I don’t know how she knows but I am going to try and find out what mine is when I got to the club on Monday. Well darling I guess that is all for now, so I will close and prepare for bed, I read a whole book before I went to sleep last night so it was nearly one o’clock before I retired, it was such a lovely love story I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it, what a funny wife you’ve got. Well cheerio darling, Good-night and God Bless You, pleasant dreams and Good-luck.  Au-revoir. All my love to you forever. 

Your ever-loving wifey,


I LOVE YOU (in x’s)


March 5, 2013

Dear Grama,

It’s such an honour being on this end of your letter, knowing for a fact that you and Papa had 54 beautiful years together.  I often have the same hopes and dreams for many happy and healthy anniversaries with Adam.  We’ve finally set a date, so it is starting to become more and more real every day.  Mom and I have plans to go dress shopping while she’s here, and the thought of wearing a dress I bought on this journey within your journey, makes me smile.    I always remember admiring the love you and Papa shared, even as a little girl.   Looking back, it was at a time that I didn’t even quite understand how much you actually sacrificed to be together.  It inspires me and makes me hope for the same kind of beautiful partnership filled with love, laughter and happiness.  Thank you for displaying that so naturally.

I love when you reminisce about the military leaves Papa would take and how you would spend that time.  It really paints a beautiful picture of your romantic wartime courtship.  It truly is a scene out of a movie.  It’s hard to even try to compare, but I know you would tell me to stop being silly and to spill the beans about the early days of the romance of Adam and I.  I caught his eye while singing with a friend at my dad’s Last Friday Coffee House.  Sharing mutual friends, a bond over country music and a love for travel, sparked some interest.  Our love story scene from a movie, was that he was my prince charming that rolled up on a motorcycle.  I remember being hesitant at first with getting on the back of it, but loved every second of it once I did.  If I can recall, I think I have a picture of Papa on a motorcycle in his uniform.  As I mention it, I find myself wondering if that was something you shared over the years.  I feel like you would have been up for the adventure, if I had to guess.

Funny you mention reading a whole book last night.  My journey equivalent of that was reading a whole stack of handwritten letters sent from home, with so much love.  Adam, being the amazing fiancé that he is, organized a collection of over 30 letters from friends, family and co-workers.  They sent me letters, notes, cards, inspirational quotes and well wishes.  It was absolutely incredible and I was in awe.  The love and support I have felt on this journey has been a humbling experience that I hope every creative receives when diving into an experience such as this.  Not only is it something that keeps me believing in myself, but it gives me the motivation and energy to make this even bigger than I had ever envisioned.  I truly could not be doing this alone.  One thing that made my heart sing, was reading the many mentions of how long it had been since most of them had written a letter.  I think we’re onto something big here, and I want to be a part of making it my mission to bring the lost art of letter writing back.  The beauty and value of letter writing is something to be cherished.

With a granddaughters love & admiration,





4 thoughts on “Scenes from a movie

  1. Verheyen Cecile says:

    I love the last sentence of your letter….writing letters…it’s so sad people don’t do it anymore! You’re right.
    Who is on the motorcycle with you?? Is that Adam??? I rather recognize somebody!!! with the helmet and the moustache!!??
    Love the pics of your grandma and papa..!
    You wrote “we have fixed a date”…is that for the “Big day” ??? waaaaaw ….!!
    Rcvd your card this morning….surprise..but you don’t have to do it each time for me (although I love it!) …. with the paquet of post you got yesterday you will know what to do, I suppose!!!
    Brought my bike in this morning to make it ready for the summer…and made a big walk along the Schelde downtown…and afterwards a small ride!
    It was time the sun came out..hated the long dark wintertime and got a little depri!
    I’m sure you are looking forward to your mom’s visit…..ENJOY your time together and buy lots of “dresses” . I’m sure you will look fantastic in !! ♥

    • Yes, that sure is Adam on the bike :). We had a blast that day! And yes, we set a date for our wedding, we’ll be sure to let you know ;). I’m having a blast with my mom here. Thanks for all of your likes, comments & support since day 1 🙂 xo

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