Dear Grama

Yes to LOVE


May 24th, 1946

My Own Darling Nick,
Many thanks darling for the three letters that were waiting for me when I got in to-night, they were just what I needed to buck up my morale after another lonely week without you darling. I hope this finds you fit and well as it leaves me but with a very lonely heart that with the passing of time just gets all the more lonely just for you darling. Well darling, I packed up work to-day so I sure hope it won’t be long now and I will get those wonderful papers. I will still go and give him a hand now and again until I get my notice, P.G. soon, just to do his books and such. I got a couple more presents to-day, a nice little sort of dish thing that you hand round sweets when we have company, and the other present was a very nice pair of gloves. I didn’t tell a lot of people I was going because I hate goodbyes, Mr Samuel’s said I should of done as I would have got a lot of presents but I don’t mind. I’m glad that you are getting fatter darling because I’m sure you could do with a bit more, that must be your mother’s cooking. I’ll have to ask her if she will give me a few hints. Talking about my cooking by the way, I’m getting quite good at baking cakes, even if I do say so myself. I bake two every week-end, and they get eaten up so that’s a good sign isn’t it, of course I don’t know how I will go cooking something else. Well we can eat cakes all day long can’t we? Oh Yeah! Naty is having a little party and a few drinks on Sunday for his little Rosalind and of course he has invited us all. I’m going to buy something for her to take, but wouldn’t it be heavenly if you were here to go with me. When we all (Canadian Brides) came out of the club last Monday, a husband was outside waiting for his wife and boy did we envy her, having her husband still here, but still having you over there does make me No. 1 priority. I’m sorry I called you a brute darling, and I take it all back (I’m getting scared of that spanking), I don’t even remember why I called you it now, anyway I promise to only call you Casanova from now on, okay?
Well darling, I guess that’s the news for another day so I suppose I had better close and retire to bed. This time last year you were just getting ready to come on your first leave, and we were both wondering what the other was like weren’t we? Just think darling I was wondering if I would like you, but as soon as I looked at you I knew it was love and the real McCoy. Now I guess I’ll have to run along wishing you Good-night darling, God Bless You and may all your dreams be pleasant darling. Good Luck Sweet. Au-revoir hope to see you soon. All my love to you forever.
Your everloving wifey,
I LOVE YOU (in x’s)


May 24th, 2013

Dear Grama,
Well isn’t this a coincidence…today marks a very important day in my relationship with Adam. It’s the day we officially started dating. Our form of getting to know each other through letters was Facebook, which went on for about a month. And it was this time last year that we sat in a restaurant just outside of Leamington, having those awkward first date conversations, blushing at the smallest thing, and full of wonder as to where this would all lead. I must say, I secretly knew it was the real McCoy, too. How amazing to read that this time in 1945, almost the same week and all, you and Papa were having your version of the same conversation.
It marks another important day in our story, because yesterday…we welcomed a 3rd niece into our lives. She is perfect and beautiful. It is amazing to think of all of the stories we will have to pass on to the generations that come after us. Family is a beautiful thing. The momma of this angel has been a part of my life for almost 20 years, and it’s so amazing that she and her husband will be my brother and sister-in-law. She actually had it in mind to introduce us, but turns out, fate was already bringing Adam and I together. Two of our dear friends had already taken the lead at inviting us both over on a regular basis so we were coincidentally the only non-couple in the room. We got the hint. We also knew each other from afar throughout high school, but didn’t cross paths much.
It’s also a special day, because today is Adam’s parent’s 33rd wedding anniversary. They are a true inspiration and I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful family. We actually have 9 couples in our immediate families alone…parents, grandparents & siblings…that we will learn from & be inspired by as we enter into married life ourselves. On May 24, 2014, to be exact. One year from today we will exchange our own vows and make a promise to share this wonderful life together. Surrounded by our amazing, supportive, loving family & friends who we are beyond grateful for.
All of this…first dates, weddings, babies & anniversaries…reminds me of this wonderful video I’ve found and the fact that we ALL have a story and have said YES to love. Every family. Every person. Every life.
Thank you for sharing your story with me.
With a granddaughters love & admiration,
Ps…he also knows that if I am the cook of the house, we’ll be eating cake all day long, too.


I’d love to hear something special about your story….special memories about your first dates, weddings, anniversaries. Share in the comments! xoxo


7 thoughts on “Yes to LOVE

  1. Cecile Verheyen says:

    Well what to say…what a wonderful video of that family…. I wonder if the young couple will go for 10 children too..I don’t think so..times have changed…but you never know and it’s not of my business!!! 🙂
    I found something out in your letter: your wedding date… may 24,2014! Same date as Pat and Mike. The most lucky couple you could have as your parents-in law! And I’m sure you are the most wanted daughter-in law they could ever wish (besides Melissa of course, no not besides, together with her!) I don’t like that the “-in law” expression. You will be the most lovely and happy daughter married to their hardworking and kind son , Adam!
    Well that’s all I can say..everything is perfect! I only can be proud of you andbe happy I can share this!

    • Thank you Aunt Cecile. I sure am lucky to be part of such a wonderful family. It truly is a blessing. Adam is the perfect man for me. Thank you for always sharing your comments with me. It’s wonderful and I feel the love & encouragement from you every day. Hugs to you xo

  2. Melissa Verheyen says:

    What a beautiful letter once again Carly! You are such a gift to our family. You have so many wonderful qualities that I’m thankful my girls will have modeled for them (courage, vulnerability, creativity- just to name a few!). We love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you and Adam one year from now! xoxoxo

    • Thanks Missy! I am so grateful as well….every single day. I feel blessed to be that role model for your girls. 🙂 oh the JOY & LOVE I feel is incredible. So excited to see you & your wonderful family of 5 soon. xoxoxo

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