Dear Grama

All about Luck


June 5th, 1946

My Own Darling,

Very many thanks dear for the letter I got to-day.  I hope this finds you okay as it leaves me sure missing you terribly.  Nothing very exciting happened again to-day, still no papers but I am hoping any day now.  Phoebe came round this morning and I went up Kilburn with her but I didn’t buy anything, just wandered around the shops.  Then this afternoon, or rather this evening, I went round to Naty & Julia’s, spent quite a nice evening just talking.  I got into quite an argument with Julia’s Uncle all about luck, he said there wasn’t such a thing and I said there was, it sure was quite an argument.  By the way darling do you think you could drop Naty, Julia & Mrs. Mann a few lines when you have a few minutes, I know they would love to hear from you.  I’ll put their address at the bottom of this letter.  Naty really makes me laugh with his daughter, he sits and watches Julia all the time while she is washing her and feeding her.  I hope you have made up your mind by now darling about that kitchen set, I really wish I was there so we can pick everything out to-gether, but I know you are a good judge darling and anything you get will be lovely, just us two to-gether living with everything will make it lovely.  I put some flags out of the window to-day, welcoming him home, Albert I mean.  We haven’t heard from him for some time so we hope he is on the boat.  I hope he hurries up and comes so as I can just see him before I go, but if I had a chance to leave to-morrow I would darling because the quicker I get to you the happier I will be.  While I think of it I’ll tell you what I will put into the telegram to you as soon as I get my papers please God soon, you see when I get them darling they will say, ‘You are on twenty-found hours notice from say June 17th’, so as soon as I get those I’ll send you a telegram saying ‘Received Notice, June 17th’ so you will know what I mean, I want you to know the good news as soon as possible, darling.  Well sweet I guess that’s all the news for now, so once again I’ll say Good-night my darling and wish from the bottom of my heart I could say it in person.  God Bless You and may all your dreams be pleasant ones.  Good-Luck.  Au-revoir hope to see you soon.  All my love to you forever. 

Your everloving wifey,


I LOVE YOU (in x’s)


June 5th, 2013

Dear Grama,

I think this was one of my favourite letters you wrote.  It makes me realize what a believer you were in living a life that’s full of love, gratitude and excitement.  When I think about whether or not I think luck exists or not, I find myself absolutely agreeing with you.  I feel so lucky to be here on this journey. I feel lucky to have an amazing fiancé, family and friends. I feel lucky to be in good health, and above all, I feel lucky to have the outlook on life that I do, even if people think I should have been named Positive Patty.  I think the notion of gratitude and living a grateful life is what I identify with more, because I believe the way one looks at life has everything to do with how lucky or grateful they feel.

I imagine the luck you were referring to was quite similar to the things you were grateful for – having the chance meeting that you did with Papa, falling in love the way you did, having this amazing upcoming adventure of moving to a new country with the love of your life, and all the little things in between.  I can’t help but feel like I have taken after you in so many ways and that makes me happy.

Today I also ventured to the neighbourhood you listed at the bottom of your letter.  The address of Naty and Julia in Islington.  Walking around the neighbouring streets, I noticed that there had been a lot of new developments that didn’t look too promising, but I remained hopeful.  As I turned the corner, I noticed an older looking apartment building and there it stood in British fashion with it’s very own vintage sign commemorating it’s age and historical beauty.  I found the very building you visited, 67 years ago today.

It’s hard to explain in words what really happens to me when I experience this…what I feel deep in my core that creates connection to a world before my time.

I’ve been extremely lucky with all of the places your journey has brought me and as I think back to all the buildings, homes, and shops that are still standing with pride it makes me realize that you are right, yet again.  Luck absolutely exists.

With a granddaughter’s love & admiration,





One thought on “All about Luck

  1. Paula Lamon says:

    Call it Luck or Fate, I believe in both. Carly, you are so fortunate to be able to experience this and such a remarkable young woman in this time.

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