Dear Grama

Dear Grama…I will write often.


June 14th, 1946

My Darling Nick,

Many thanks sweetheart for the two letters I got this afternoon. I hope this finds you okay darling as it leaves me but very very lonely for a certain handsome guy who by the way happens to be my husband (the best in all the whole wide world).  I have a bit of good news for you to-night darling. Doris got her papers this morning and very short notice she has to be ready at 24hour notice from to-morrow. I reckon the papers have been held up because of the holidays. Her number is 38,616 so soon please God you can look out for your little wifey, after them telling me at the repat office yesterday they had reached 38,600 I knew Doris would hear very soon.  Now I know it’s near the waiting seems worse then ever, I can’t sleep at all these nights. Last night I thought I would go crazy, tossing and turning there, I think it’s all the excitement. I am glad you are getting on with the sink darling and that you have made it special low for me, I think you are a real angel for trying to get everything done, but please don’t worry yourself too much darling about everything. I am sure everything will work out lovely especially if we are to-gether to figure it all out, with you beside me darling I shan’t care about a darn thing. The only thing I worry about is that I hope I get used to everything quickly because I know a lot of things are different over there to here. One thing I know I musn’t ask for a joint in the butcher. I don’t mind a bit about your teeth darling, you’ll always be good-looking and I shall love you in fifty years time just as much as I do, by the way darling I didn’t marry you for your looks, but you sure are handsome. Casanova, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist that.  By the way darling, is our house nearer to the factory than your mothers was? I can just see you now some of these mornings, P.G. soon jumping out of bed and dashing round so as you won’t be late in the morning, I guess that will be one of my wifely jobs, eh! Well sweetheart I guess that’s the news for another night, much as it is, but it won’t be long now darling, whoopee, when I can stop writing to you I shall be the happiest girl in the world, but I thank God that we started writing nearly two years ago darling. Now I suppose I must say, Good-night darling, God Bless You and may all your dreams be pleasant. Good Luck. Au-revoir. Hope to see you soon. All my love to you forever. 

Your ever loving wifey. 


I LOVE YOU (in x’s)


June 23rd, 2013

Dear Grama,

It comes with mixed emotions for me to tell you that my journey that has been structured around your letters has come to an end.  You wrote your final letter to your sweetheart on June 23, 1946 and I’ve officially been through each and every one of the 110 letters that were scripted with love. There is a questionable gap between the date of the last letter and the date on the infamous telegram sent with excitement to Papa upon hearing the news of your sail date.  That is something that I’ll never have an answer to.  Why the gap? Were the last few weeks of letters lost, thrown away, or never written at all? Does it even really matter?

Where I stand with it all in this very moment is that it was all part of the plan for me.  Even before organizing the letters by date, I was invited to join a group of writers from the University of Windsor.  I leave this Friday for France.  I will then get my proposal ready for my book to submit to my literary agent – still pinching myself about being able to say that – before leaving for my highly anticipated voyage home. I can’t even begin to imagine what it will feel like to board that ship then depart on the 20 hour train journey to Windsor, just as you did. Over these last few weeks I’ve come to some deep and life changing realizations about my journey.  The kind of realizations that keep me up at night writing. The time I’ve spent here living this dream truly has changed my life and it’s incredible to think that it all began on a sunny day in California.  So the rest of the journey’s in my hands now as it truthfully has been since day one.

Thank you for such an incredible gift that brought me so much joy, clarity and adventure over these past 6 months. And you better believe that I will write often.

With a granddaughters love & admiration,



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2 thoughts on “Dear Grama…I will write often.

  1. Cecile Verheyen says:

    Dear Carly, found your “last” letter this morning very early…Read it very fast…but need more time to read it again.
    Wishing you a nice stay in France …(this was a real surprise to me …nice you can do that ..where you ever in France ???? ).
    I suppose you are coming back to London for a couple of days.
    Lots of succes overthere ….!
    Have a wonderful WE…!
    ♥ Cecile!

  2. John Moran says:

    Hey Carly;
    It’s bittersweet to see this as your last letter, but on the other hand I know it’s another beginning of a new chapter in your life’s journey. Thank you for sharing this with us all.
    Travel safe young lady and all the best.

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