Feel Good Friday Series

100 days, 100 ways: days 29-23

This is the eleventh of my Feel Good Friday series that I started.  In honour of my 100 day mark, I will share a photo from each day with a quote.  I’m currently in Paris until Monday & then heading to Burgundy for a writing course with some University of Windsor writers. I will return to London July 10th for my final 10 days (eeeek!). Expect updates here & there.

Keep on sending quotes in the comments below, through Facebook, send an email to lifesletter(at)gmail(dot)com or use the form in the About Me page.

Thanks everyone. xox


2 thoughts on “100 days, 100 ways: days 29-23

  1. Cecile Verheyen says:

    Goodmorning and good luck with the course in Burgundy !! Have to see on the map..No idea where this place is !??
    Have a great week !!! ♥

  2. Cecile Verheyen says:

    Hi Carly…it’s me again….I was looking for Burgundy ??? How stupid of me…Are you talking about BOURGONDIE in France???
    Well it’s not so stupid finally…I wonder why English speaking people translate the Cities and Countries…you shouldn’t do that…!
    Well that’s my oinion …..maybe I’m wrong. I had a Skype coming in …my youngest son..sorry !!! So I found Bourgondie !? Have fun overthere…;)

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