One thought on “100 days, 100 ways: days 22-9

  1. Cecile Verheyen says:

    Just want to say that I’m gonne miss you !!! It’s coming very close now….seeing your love again !!!
    Wishing you a wonderful boattrip …to bad you cannot do it with Adam, but you ‘re not allowed ….your grandma had to do it all by herselve also …haha! Maybe you can do it over again in the future ..on your way to London or maybe Belgium !!! ;)
    Hope I ‘ll see you back one day !!!
    I’m going to Luxemburg on Sunday ..having a week with Maïté, my granddaughter … I’m not taking my we will not have contact anymore before you are taking the Queen Mary ! I’m back on Sunday 21st the day of the inauguration of our new KING! King Philippe !!! Strange name. We’re used to Leopolds and Alberts… ;)
    Hope hearing from you then ….Take care Carly !!! ♥you

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