Well hello there friends, family & followers! I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise! The past 2 & a half weeks have been out of this world.  It has truly been like a fairytale.  I have so much to share that I don’t even know where to begin! I still have to fill you in on France & all that I gained from that experience, saying farewell to England, my voyage home & the incredible things that have happened in the week that I’ve been back.

The Queen Mary was amazing & truly the most magical ending to my journey.  I met some wonderful people, ate some great food & had conversations that I will forever cherish.  Grama was with me the whole way & arranged some spectacular sunsets.  I spent the majority of my time on the 7th deck, looking out to the vast Atlantic and savouring the daily celebration of the completion of this extraordinary journey.

Arriving in New York City as the sun was rising on July 27th was like a dream.  After a wonderful day in the city, a dear friend & I got on the train from New York to Toronto…then Toronto to Windsor the following day.  My reunion with Adam was one of the best moments of my life.  To be in his arms again felt like heaven.

The week was filled with seeing friends & family, getting some media attention from CTV Windsor & CBC Windsor, and the week was going to end with the highly anticipated engagement party to celebrate the love that Adam & I share with all of our family & friends.

Turns out, my fiance is the most romantic man on the planet, because him & my mom had been planning our surprise WEDDING since March.  I found out at 9am THAT DAY that everything had been arranged…hair, make-up, bridesmaid dresses, photographer, videographers, ceremony, reception, flowers….EVERYTHING! It was the BEST day of our lives, surrounded by those we love.  The joy, love & happiness in my heart was overwhelming in the best way possible.  It’s all still sinking in & there are so many details & stories that I want to share…but first…a HONEYMOON!

I thought I would share some photos to give you all a quick update & sneak peek.  I truly couldn’t have done any of this without the love & support of family, friends & complete strangers who I have connected with along the way throughout this journey.

Love & Hugs to all of you….and you will hear from me in a few weeks!

Mrs. Verheyen



Grama - QM

IMG_9936 IMG_0580 IMG_0834IMG_1013 IMG_1015995435_10100622590761129_584687257_n539627_10151487401407127_690851404_n


3 thoughts on “SURPRISE!!!!

  1. cecile Verheyen says:

    Hello Mrs Verheyen…. glad finally hearing from you ….(joking !!) ….
    Well It was a NICE SURPRISE to me..I couldn’t believe it….!
    I’m so happy for you both !!!
    I watched some pictures and you were “AMAZING ” such a beauty !!! Loved your dress and your hair..you were perfect…and so was Adam !!! A magnificent couple !!!
    Wishing you a wonderful honeymoon!
    And hope hearing from you later !!!!!
    I love you Mr and Mrs VERHEYEN ! ♥

  2. Carly! What a beautiful ending to your historical journey and a beautiful start to your own life’s letter. I haven’t met Adam but those photos do tell a thousand words about your love. Congrats!

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