That Summer in Burgundy

I’m not even really sure how to start this post.  I’m back.  I’ve missed you.  I’m ready to share.  I want to start by going back a bit…back to “That Summer in Burgundy”.  The video truly says it all…inspiration, beauty, creativity, COWS, wine, cheese, nature, simplicity, writing & connection.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marty Gervais before I left for England back in January.  He loved my story, gave me some writing advice & was even the one to suggest  the brilliant “Dear Grama” approach.  He also invited me to join his group of creative writing & photojournalist students for a summer course in France.  Not only did he invite me to take part in the course itself, but he also asked me to do my own talk for the group.  What an honour…my first speaking engagement.

On the second night of the 10 day trip, I was on the hot seat and must admit that I was a little nervous.  I made up a slideshow of photos from my journey, shared stories of the ups & downs of putting my hopes & dreams out there for the world to see, and talked about what the creative process was like for me.  I wrote every single day while in England…that in itself was quite the process.  Let’s just say, the presentation was well received.  The more I shared, the more authentically I showed up & the more vulnerable I was, the greater the impact.  I had the audience engaged, I had them laughing & I even had them crying just by being me, sharing my story, and truly honouring what the last 6 months were like for me.  The good, the bad & the ugly – and by that I mean that I even showed a picture of myself ugly crying in the slideshow.

It was a wonderful experience & I can just tell that this is the beginning of something BIG for me.  Not only did it help me become clear on how I am going to approach writing my book, but it also made me realize that I want to share the WHOLE story every chance I get.  The stories of self-doubt, what it’s like to hear negative comments in the media, the never fading fear of pressing ENTER after writing a blog post, the feelings of doing something different – & a little outrageous – that may cost you friendships, money & time and after all of that combined finding a way to POWER through.

I already have plans to share my story with schools & university creative writing classes in the near future.  My hope is that in sharing my story, I can hear yours.  I can hear your heart & soul’s desires, crazy-nutty dreams & ideas that may not even be full sentences yet.  Even if at this stage it’s just an itch, an inkling or an intuition that there’s something creative you want to give-a-go.


3 thoughts on “That Summer in Burgundy

  1. Anna says:

    The fear of pressing ENTER! I know that one but with the fear of going to writer’s group and reading out! Brave lady, Carly! I can’t wait to read the finished work! Keep at it! And definitely keep in the vulnerabilities! Warts and all stories = the more human, the better!

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