Dear Grama

When journeys collide


Dear Grama,

I was on a mission that day that not even the rain could disrupt. As I made my way to Westminster Bridge to recreate this photo of you, I remember thinking about the beauty of perspective.  Not only was I grateful to have found this photograph of you in front of this very spot decades earlier, but to be there giggling to myself as the wind blew my umbrella inside out, left me in awe.  How did I get here? Who’s crazy idea was this?  I actually made this happen?

Looking back at this photo now, over a year later, makes me realize that anything is possible.  The incredibly unpredictable journeys that brought you to this bridge, then brought me to this bridge, then gave me the urge to dig up this photograph to have another look are more connected than I ever knew possible.  The layers and years in constant dance with one another creating beauty and rhythm with every step.

I am writing to tell you that in 4 months time, I will hold the first draft of my book in these tiny little hands of mine.  The book that will be laced with both of our fingerprints, decades apart.  I don’t want to do this alone.  I can’t do this alone.  This is why I am telling you.

With a granddaughters love & admiration,

Carly xoxo


8 thoughts on “When journeys collide

  1. Tim Lobzun says:

    I slept in today – 9:30 – On Canada Day – Had sort of a raucous night – A couple of my friends having some issues with the cards they have be given – woke up several times to the sounds of the wind and rain beating on the roof – It was a restless night hence the late arising I suppose (must of needed the sleep) I awoke to the list in my head of to-do’s for the day – many of the items are carry-overs – First item before I even brushed my teeth is to get the girls to work – Alone back to attend to my list I decided I need to get a paper and go have a coffee and bagel at Coffee Culture – Got the G&M at Franks and a Lotto Max – Had a nice chat with Mrs Daniel (about cinnamon actually) and off to CC. The list can wait – If Canada can have a day – I can too! – On my way out of CC I meet Billy Parker – Of Take the Lane fame – Going to Newfoundland from Alberta via the long way home on a bicycle- for the FOURTH TIME! – Gave him a couple of toonies for a coffee and a bagel and made it home to do what I always do – Log on to FB – WOW – In an hour I have read so much -Watched the Hatfields video – shared some posts – changed my profile pic and I was scrolling down the hundred posts by friends and groups and pages and stopped at this one – A daughter of a friend and her trip to retrace the steps of her Gramma – and I cried – My Mom is still living and loving life (and worrying about her kids) – Nope I had sat down at my desk thinking – wouldn’t it be cool to just jump on a bike and ride like Billy Parker – to travel at no cost this great country and to meet so many nice folks and to travel the world for that matter. To seek out history and stories and opinions and to just soak it all in – And I read this blog by Carly on her Canada Day on Westminister Bridge and I realised that I do travel through Canada and the world and meet people and explore history and geography and even Space. I see wanton destruction and brand new life and if there were 100 hours in a day I could never share what folks have shared with me – So to my FB friends – Have a Happy You Day. and Bless this country because her inhabitants surely have been. Cheers – Thanks Carly – Have a Happy Carly Day

  2. Amanda says:

    I cry with tears love and joy as I write this. You are so inspirational and I am beyond grateful that I have had you in my life. You are one of the strongest women I know for always following your dreams no matter how big or small they may seem. Keep following your heart and making all of your dreams come true!
    Love you! Xoxoxo

  3. Judy says:

    Carly, what a beautiful post. I feel so honoured to be the connection between 2 remarkable women who inspire me everyday.
    Blessings on this book that you WILL hold in your hands in 4 months.

    Love mom

  4. Katie says:

    I love this post Carly. I can hear the commitment, confidence and hope bouncing of the page. You will do this and it will lead to many more amazing adventures, chance encounters, and moments of gratefulness. Happy Canada Day to you! May those to come be just as special! xO

  5. cecile Verheyen says:

    Dear Carly …love every thing you have done and still do…I’m so happy for you to have found the love of your live …wish you good luck with that famous book, I’m looking forward to !!! ♥

  6. Laura M. says:

    This is beautiful! So glad I’ve had the opportunity to meet you and follow your journey through Life’s Letter. You are an amazing young woman and an old soul at the same time! A breath of fresh air………. in this crazy world!

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