Putting down roots


Well it’s official, folks.  The hubs and I are putting down some roots alongside the ginormous trees and mountainous skyline out here in B.C.  Last friday, Adam was offered his dream job as a full-time Phys-Ed & Earth Science teacher.  Yay, hubs (insert proud wifey cheer HERE)! And I am happy to announce that along with an exciting start to my photography biz, I have accepted a job just a few hours ago as a bank Customer Relations Coordinator.  If this Friday streak continues, who knows what will happen next Friday…I say a book deal! Just sayin’!

Needless to say, we are thrilled to share this exciting news.  It’s amazing when things just seem to fall into place and reiterate that this move across the country was right for us.  We simply couldn’t have done it alone, so I’m turning this post into a Grateful Friday share.  We can’t thank our family and friends enough who had a hand in helping us with our move – even from afar.  With each and every box packed and article of clothing sorted, the time and energy was much appreciated. I simply couldn’t have cut my wardrobe in half without you, Ashly.  You were ruthless and I love you for it – although I will miss that leopard print sweater.  I still think about it daily.

To my parents and my in-laws, thank you for still loving me after the ‘boxes of childhood memories’ moment.  As my father-in-law, also lovingly ruthless, started holding up Grade 3 class projects, baby blankets & my Justin Timberlake autographed CD, I was officially faced with overwhelm.  They stuck around though and powered through.  That is love, if you ask me.

Thank you to the friends, family and co-workers who came to our going away party and threw me a pool party.  You guys are the best and we miss you daily.  And to the friends who were unable to make it and sent their well wishes, it means so much to know that with technology the world is truly a small, small place.  The letters, messages and well wishes from afar, made the transition even easier.  For anyone making a move in the near future, I recommend giving your mailing address out in advance.  There’s nothing better than getting snail mail on day 2 in a new place.

And last but not least, a huge thank you goes to the 2 incredible people who have opened their home to us for the past month and a half.  Adam’s sister and her husband have scooped us up and made us feel so at home, regardless of the many miles we truly are from the home we know.

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3 thoughts on “Putting down roots

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news … wishing you both a wonderful start of a new and happy life ;) ♥ you and think alot of my Canadian family ;) Goodnight …it is so good to receive positive news before going to bed ;)

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