I’m currently writing section 3 of my book, which is primarily based on March of 2013.  It was a time when my mom was visiting England and I was feeling very reflective on the passing of time and the changing dynamics between mothers & daughters.  My grama’s relationship with her mother, my mothers relationship with my grama, my relationship with my mom, and hopefully some day, my relationship with a daughter of my own.

I came across this video again, which brings me to tears every time.  And brings me back to what it all boils down to: Love.  And that it liberates.

Beautiful said, Maya Angelou.



3 thoughts on “Love Liberates

  1. Virginia Fineberg says:


    This is all so moving! I am referring not only to the wonderful video of Lara Angelou, but also of the one with you telling the story of your family.

    What a wonderful privilege, to have such a marvelous story to tell.

    Much love to all of you,


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