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Since January, I have been using the DESIRE map day planner by Danielle LaPorte.  I just LOVE it.  Sure, there are days when I only manage to fill out a few words here or there, but mostly I love the monthly check-ins around all there is to celebrate, recognize & acknowledge.  It gives you a chance to revisit your intentions & goals for the year, reflect on the month that’s coming to a close and visualize & plan for the month ahead.

This month was specifically interesting because I wasn’t very excited to sit down to go over it all.  I felt that February wasn’t very productive, that I had let some goals & intentions go, and that I hung out in the land of self-doubt a little too much.

To my surprise the section of celebration far outweighed the “recognize the negative so you can do something constructive with it” section.  And my biggest celebration was around the talk that I gave at the University of Fraser Valley on “Doing What I Love.” I not only faced a fear and learned more about public speaking, but I also met new people, felt part of a creative community, got to share my story, and created opportunities for the future.  In the below photos, you’ll see the sold out crowd of 150 people rolling in, confirmation that I talk with my hands, and that I totally started my talk with taking a audience wide vote (hence my nervously-excited raised hand)!


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The other thing that I’m very happy with is the daily reading & writing that I’m doing.  Since the beginning of the year, I have been working through a book called “The Assassin’s Cloak: An Anthology of the World’s Greatest Diarists” and read the daily pages as it reads chronologically. It’s so interesting to read diary entries  from as far back at 1650- 2003.  I love starting my morning reading personal encounters & perspectives of events that happened on this very day throughout time.  I’ve also been reading through my Grama’s letters again.  Life’s Letter 2.0, if you will.  I’m doing the retrace again, 2 years after the original retrace, to keep the ideas fresh in my mind that reflect in the pages of my writing.

As far as writing, although I try to work on book writing as much as I can, I try to remember that as long as I show up to the page & get my ideas down, I find that I feel positive about my progress.  As outlined in Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” I commit to clearing my thoughts and mind by doing morning pages as often as I can to not only get in the habit of a daily writing practice, but to also clear the space in between the ears to feel more present in my days.

I felt like sharing this here for myself to look back on what works well for my creative mind, and also to share with some of you who are looking to be more intentional with your days, weeks & months.  Or perhaps get into a more consistent writing practice.

Happy creating.

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