A request for you.


Some pretty exciting things are a-brewing over here & I need YOUR help.

Do you (or someone you know) have a family heirlooms that is a piece of handwritten work that is near & dear to your heart?

Perhaps a cookbook that’s been passed down through generations, a postcard, a letter, a journal, a scrapbook.

I’m curating stories for a new column I’m starting with the amazing folks at Handwritten.  If interested in sharing, please send a photo of the heirloom & a small paragraph explaining why it’s so important to you.  Use any of the questions below as a prompt to help you share:

  • How did you come across this heirloom? Was it gifted to you? Did you find it when you were cleaning out a cupboard?
  • What does it mean to you to have this piece of handwritten work?
  • What has it inspired in you?

I’d love to hear about it. Please email me at lifesletter@gmail.com.

Can’t wait to share more soon.

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