6 thoughts on “We have NEWS…

  1. Joyce Wiper says:

    Congratulations Carly and Adam. l am very excited and happy for you both. I was also very happy to hear that you and Jessica can share your moments and thoughts and bellies as both of your months slip by.

  2. What a great news Carly and Adam 😉 I’m sooooooooooo happy for you both and your families 😉 CONGRATULATIONS and hoping everything will be perfect 😉 Thinking of you soooooo much here in Belgium . Miss you all soooooooo much 🙁 ♥ Lots of hugs 😉
    (since a couple of days the little hearts I put here are grey/black and not pink 🙁 I don’t like that, but I can’t change it myselve 🙁 sorry ..it’s the same on FB .)

  3. JP Moran says:

    What great news you two!!! I’m so happy for you both and as well the “New To Be Grandparents” Dale and Judy.
    There really is no other experience in the world when you see, for the first time, the result of a couple’s love for one another.
    And for a Grandparent.
    The first time you see your daughter or son holding their child. It is a feeling that just doesn’t have words that can describe how great of a feeling it is.
    All the best Carly and Adam.

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