This Thursday I have the honour of being a featured artist at the Emerge Annual Exhibition.  My Grama’s letters will be on display (all 110 of them for the first time EVER!) as well as a glimpse into the type of communication Adam & I used most frequently while I was living in England.

The exhibition is aptly titled  dis://connections and goes into the following themes.  TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate. Considering the impact of this rapid technological progress, how do we navigate human-to-human connections and communication? What are the benefits of technology? What are the drawbacks? This exhibition will explore the positive and negative impacts of technology and how it continues to affect our relationships and interactions.

I look forward to the conversation that this exhibition will surely evoke.  If you’re in the Fraser Valley, come check it out.

Emerge Event

Join us on Thursday, November 24th at 6pm for the opening reception of DIS://CONNECTIONS: Emerge Annual Exhibition. The exhibition will run from November 24th, 2016 – January 8th, 2017.

Darby Arens
Carly Butler Verheyen
Mallory Donen
Julie Epp
Rachel Selinger
Kendra Schellenberg

Curated by Alisha Deddens


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