About Carly


My name is Carly Butler Verheyen & I’m an adventurer, dreamer, photographer & writer. I love exploring new places, talking about feelings & capturing the gorgeousness of the world & the incredible people in it.  I love the power of creative expression & have been told on many occasions that I have an old soul.  I’m currently writing my first book that, to be honest, sort of fell into my lap.  I was always a fan of journals, letter writing & love notes, but a book – I would have never guessed.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, when my mother & I discovered 110 love letters that my grama wrote to my grandfather, that I realized a story was brewing inside of me & would someday need to be written.  The letters were dated from January to July of 1946. 

By following both my heart & gut, just as my grama did her whole life, I took a sabbatical from January to July of 2013 to retrace her steps as a British war bride. It truly was a journey within a journey.  I moved to London, England and learned a heck of a lot about myself, my grama, faith, life & love.  The finale to the journey was the incredible transatlantic voyage home on the Queen Mary II, just as she did 67 years earlier on the original.

  I started this blog of my travels & sort of fell off the grid since then, only blogging a handful of times.  Reintegration & reentry back to the “real world” threw me for a loop, especially coming home to a surprise wedding (that went a bit viral, to boot). Sidenote: my hubs is the man of my dreams & I was BEYOND happy with the surprise.

One of the biggest things I learned while in England had so much to do with authentic connection – the LIVE in real time kind of connection.  That is my hope for Life’s Letter going forward.  That is will be a place to connect & a place to create, both authentically & vulnerably.

I have just recently moved from Ontario to beautiful British Columbia, Canada and fall in love with the mountains a little more every day. I have recently teamed up with the amazing folks at Handwritten  and have started a column curating life stories through hand-written work.  Go have a look.